Enterprise Zone Façade Grant Program

As part of the Enterprise Zone program, the Façade Grant program is administered through the Economic Development Authority.  This program awards qualified projects located within the Enterprise Zone a reimbursement on approved façade renovations up to one-third of the amount invested, with an award cap of $25,000.

A few quick points (more in the Enterprise Zone Packet) to know about façade grant eligibility. In order to qualify the building and project must:

  • Be commercial, industrial, or mixed-use (no more than 80% residential)
  • Eligible façade(s) must face a public right-of-way with at least one public entrance
  • Work must be done by licensed contractor
  • Be documented and tracked with detailed invoices, receipts, and payments

Applicants must submit a completed Façade Grant application packet to the EDA for approval prior to demolition or construction on the facades where assistance is requested.

For more information on the Façade Grant program, please contact Economic Development at (540) 853-2715 or click on the following links:

Enterprise Zone Map

Facade Grant Information and Application Packet