Planning, Zoning, and Permitting

Are you aware that certain businesses are only allowed within specific zones of the City?  Or that you are required to obtain a permit for any construction projects within the boundaries of your property?

Before acquiring a property for your business, or before undertaking any significant upgrades to an existing property, be sure to contact the City’s Planning, Building, and Development Department to make sure that your project follows City, State, and Federal regulations.

In addition to information on codes and restrictions, you will find a wealth of information on the Planning, Building, and Development’s website in regards to neighborhood plans, transportation studies, and community resources.

Department of Planning, Building, and Development
215 Church Avenue, SW
Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building – Room 166
Roanoke, VA 24011
Main Office Number:  (540) 853-1730
Fax Number:  (540) 853-1230
Other Important Numbers and Websites:
Permit Center:  (540) 853-1090
Zoning:  (540) 853-1730
Inspections:  (540) 853-1142
Code Enforcement:  (540) 853-2344
Neighborhood Services:  (540) 853-5210