RCIT Development Standards

The Roanoke Centre for Industry and Technology has been developed by the City of Roanoke to be one of the State’s premiere industrial parks.  Blue Hills Drive, the main artery into the park, is a 4-lane, tree lined road with a sidewalk on the inbound side.  Tenants in the park are not only asked to adhere to the City’s zoning and permitting policies, but also to follow a set of Covenants and Restrictions.  These covenants and restrictions are in place to maintain the corporate atmosphere of the park.  The Roanoke Centre for Industry And Technology’s Covenants and Restrictions are listed below for both phases of the park.

RCIT Covenants and Restrictions – 1983 Section

RCIT Covenants and Restrictions – 1992 Section


Per the request of an existing business within the park, the Covenants and Restrictions were amended by the park’s tenants in 2012 to allow for maximum lot coverage by impervious surfaces to be increased from 60% to 70%.

RCIT Covenants and Restrictions Amendment 1 – 1983 Section

RCIT Covenants and Restrictions Amendment 1 – 1992 Section


Considerations and Requirements for Acquisition of Land

  • Property is zoned I-1 (Light Industrial)
  • Utilities in place (electric, water, sewer, natural gas, fiber)
  • Located within an Enterprise Zone
  • Requirements to purchase site:
    • Must create at least 10 jobs per acre and/or
    • Must generate at least $7,500 per acre in revenue