Freight Rail

Roanoke was founded as a railroad hub, and continues to be well served by rail infrastructure throughout the City.  Rail service throughout the City is provided by Norfolk Southern, which has had a significant presence in the City since its founding.  Norfolk Southern provides premium shipping service and logistics solutions to its customers.  And with nearly 22,000 route miles connecting all major markets east of the Mississippi River, including a direct route from Roanoke the the Port of Hampton Roads, Norfolk Southern can handle any shipping needs.


Bulk Rail Transload Station

Located at 810 Hollins Road, near downtown Roanoke, is one of Norfolk Southern’s 30+ bulk rail transload stations.  This facility, which is fence dna secured, allows for seamless transfer of products from truck to rail, and vice versa.  The transload station will align with the Heartland and Crescent Corridors and serves as an added benefit to businesses in the Roanoke Valley. For more information, please click here.


Passenger Rail

After a 30+ year absence, Amtrak re-stablished passenger rail to Roanoke in 2017.  The platform for the train is located in the heart of downtown Roanoke, which provides riders with convenient access to parking, lodging and other amenities.