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City of Roanoke to Host ‘Roanoke Valley Saves Week’

March 29, 2024

March 28, 2024

City of Roanoke to Host ‘Roanoke Valley Saves Week’ as Part of ‘America Saves Week 2024’

Saving for what matters most

The City of Roanoke, as part of ‘America Saves Week 2024’ from April 8–12, encourages the community to prioritize financial well-being and take control of their financial futures. Aligning with this focus, during ‘Roanoke Valley Saves Week,’ Bank On Roanoke Valley will offer residents resources and support, including educational tools, free programs, and financial incentives.

“With many Americans feeling financial distress from the impact of inflation, this national conversation is timely and needed,” said Bob Cowell, Roanoke City Manager. “We look forward to supporting our community in gaining better savings habits and getting key strategies that enhance their financial wellness journey.”

President & CEO of United Way of Roanoke Valley Abby Hamilton highlights from the 2022 ALICE Focus on Children report that “nearly half of Virginia’s children are in families barely making ends meet, a clear sign of the pandemic’s lasting effects. Partnering in initiatives like Roanoke Valley Saves Week and Bank On Roanoke Valley, is not just about having enough to get by. They’re vital steps to empower families with financial safety nets, ensuring a stable, hopeful future for every child, and every family.”

‘Roanoke Valley Saves Week’ will kick off on Monday, April 8, at 2:00 PM at the EnVision Center with a proclamation presented by Mayor Sherman Lea followed by a presentation by the Roanoke Financial Empowerment Center (FEC). Bank On Roanoke Valley will host free events throughout the week, focusing on financial empowerment. Residents must register for events online at

“Roanoke Valley Saves was seriously a life changer for me,” said Roanoke area saver Jamoria Pughsley. “I was able to get information to help me further with budgeting. I also raised my score by 100 points! We were given tools to manage our spending, that to this day I still have.”

By taking the America Saves Savings Pledge, Roanoke Valley Savers are setting financial goals and taking control of their future. Join the community of savers by visiting Bank On Roanoke Valley’s web page to take the pledge and receive helpful resources and reminders.

About Bank On Roanoke Valley
Bank On Roanoke Valley is a partnership of local financial institutions, community organizations, and government that works together to connect individuals to safe, affordable banking products and quality, free financial education. Our partners provide products, services, and financial education opportunities to get us one step closer to a community of financially healthy and stable adults.

About America Saves Week:

Since 2007 America Saves Week, coordinated by America Saves and its partners, has been an annual celebration as well as a call to action for everyday Americans to commit to saving successfully. Through the support of thousands of participating organizations, together we encourage our local communities to do a financial check in to get a clear view of your money story and saving behaviors. The America Saves pledge is the online tool that allows savers to set a goal, and make a plan to achieve better financial stability.